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Our studio is committed to provide a full-range of services for domestic and international clients. We can provide you with tailored packages for your needs. Save your money and time!

Our versatile services


We have the recording studio you need - a warm and friendly space availble for music of any style. Whether you are a solo music producer, a full-scale rock band or even a string section, we can provide you with a unique, creative and relaxed environment ideal for recording music of any genre. We are happy to provide a very high level of recording quality to many Macedonian and international artists. Prices for live recording services include sound engineer and sound assistant.


Are you looking for perfectly tuned and polished sound? Look no more. Send us the individual tracks that need correction as well as a rough mix of the entire song so that we have a reference track to tune the vocals with. Tracks must have the same starting point. Our experienced staff of musicians and engineers will make sure that your vocals, backing vocals and instruments are in perfect harmony and rhythm with one another.


We provide you with the opportunity to mix your tracks and sent them back to you no matter where you are. The upload process is easy and enables you to send your multi-track session and mix notes directly to one of our in-house mix engineers. You have the opportunity to communicate in real time with your engineer via Skype while mixing your session. All you have to do is send us your tracks; we mix them in our professional studio and send them right back to you.


Mastering allows the engineer to enhance the overall sonic presentation, to polish each song and to realize the full potential of your music. The engineer creates consistency in volume and sound by shaping the song and applying corrective equalization. Mastering is used to balance volume levels, sequence tracks, achieve continuity from the beginning till the end, and optimum equalization of the program material.


If you are looking for originally composed music for a documentary, radio production or advertisement, we are happy to cooperate with you on a wide variety of projects: pop, rock, folk or children songs, as well as lyrics, jingles, orchestral or choral works, music for websites, personalized music for any occasion, music for shows and business events. You can also order a personalized arrangement of any pop, rock, folk or classical piece.


We have studio suited for all kind of projects including voice for radio spots, corporate, audio books, TV shows, movies and much more. We comply with the highest, broadcast quality standards of recording voice over and we offer these services for the best possible price. We are confident that you will be very satisfied with our knowledge and expertise, highly professional approach, broadcast quality production standards and, of course, our rate.

Instrument Repair

For more than 25 years, we have been providing high quality guitar and bass guitar repair to more than a dozen music stores and many professional musicians in Macedonia. We have clients from other countries as well. Every instrument is repaired with specialized tools, expert training, and thorough testing. Every repaired instrument is also personally play tested by a qualified technician to ensure good playing condition. At the moment we perform basic string repair.

Sheet music

Turn your personally recorded music into properly notated sheet music. You can use this service to turn any recording or draft manuscript into printed music. We accept all kind of music for transcription, and every type of recording - CD, tape, mini-disc or audio/mp3 file by email. You have the opportunity to choose exactly how you would like the piece written out. Every note of your piece will be worked out accurately by ear.


It is the ideal choice for those who like to hire professional players, use strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, backing vocals, choir or any solo instrument on their album, film score, advertisement or incidental music for radio and television whilst avoiding the blandness of samples. Our players are prepared to work with different styles of music - whether it's pop, traditional folk, high energy rock, jazz or classical.


In order to share the knowledge we have acquired over the years, we started offering private classes. Our classes are one on one session with some of our experienced teachers. You can start with your lessons at any time during the year. We offer: vocal, violin, piano, theory and solfeggio lessons, as well as songwriting and toddler music classes. We are open to students and learners of all musical backgrounds and levels of experience.

Interested in learning other musical instruments?

We are now cooperating with the music coaching school Andrijana Janevska School of Music. Check out their website.

Andrijana Janevska School of Music